What are Novelty Cakes? What do they look like? There are so many different types and styles of cakes these days, it is sometimes difficult to know which are which…..
What are novelty cakes

Let’s begin by looking at the question, “what is the meaning of ‘Novelty’”?

” Novelty is the quality of being different, new, and unusual. “

Definition taken from the Collins English Dictionary

From this, we can see that Novelty Cakes include a broad range of cake styles, each of which has an element of being different to the more standard/regular cakes.

These can be broken down into different styles within the umbrella of ‘Novelty style’……

Carved/Illusion style cakes:

Cakes that are made to look like different objects or animals, are classed as illusion cakes – they are meant to fool the mind into thinking it is a ‘real object’ rather than a cake.

Wizard character book cake with figures
Wedding Dress Wedding Cake

Character Cakes:

Cakes that include small models of characters/people/animals etc on a regular shaped cake.

Spinning Cycle cake
Hide and Seek Pig cake
40th 2 tier with chemical

Wedding Cakes

Sometimes, you just want something a little different on your wedding day, something to make you stand out from the crowd.

Traditional white wedding cakes, with sugar flowers, are lovely – just not for everyone.

Giant heart wedding cake
Superhero Reveal Cake (back)

Cakes for other occasions

Novelty cakes don’t just have to be for Birthdays or Weddings…… any special occasion deserves a novelty cake!

Boy Christening with shoes
Heart organ transplant anniversary cake
Bon voyage

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