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Using Silicone Cake Decorating Moulds – Top Tips

Using Silicone Cake Decorating Moulds – Top Tips

Using Silicone Cake Decorating Moulds

Having problems using silicone cake decorating moulds to create decorative elements and textures for your cakes?

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  • Are they lurking unused in the bottom of a drawer/back of a cupboard?

  • Do you struggle with getting the paste out of the mould?

  • Just not sure how to use them?

  • New to cake decorating and haven’t given them a try yet?

Then you are in the right place!

I have a LOT of experience with using silicone moulds for cake decorating, as a former design team member for Katy Sue Designs (a UK based silicone mould manufacturer).

Pastel baby shower or christening cake by Julie's Cake in a Box, Beverley, East Yorkshire
Toy chest birthday cake by Julie's Cake in a Box, Beverley, East Yorkshire
Mermaid themed pastel birthday cake by Julie's Cake in a Box, Beverley, East Yorkshire
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So, grab a cuppa and read on, to find out my top tips for getting the best results with them…..

Whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil - why not check out my video below to see one of the moulds in action....

OK, so now you have seen one of the silicone moulds in use, lets get down to sharing my TOP TIPS with you:

Tip no 1 – Use genuine/original moulds – not counterfeit copies

I know that silicone moulds can be expensive, I get that. However, in reality, the saying ‘buy cheap – buy twice’ is really relevant here!

Not only are you damaging the original manufacturer’s business by buying these counterfeit copies (most often found on online selling/auction sites and secondary sellers on websites like Amazon), they are sub-standard quality. The silicone they use is different and quite often not even food safe. This can be potentially harmful. They are also nowhere near as flexible, making them far more difficult to use.

So if you only take one thing away from this blog, please let it be this. Buy wisely and safely.

Using silicone moulds for cake decorating - my top tips by Julie Rogerson of Julie's Cake in a Box

My particular favourites include:

Katy Sue Designs – visit website here

Karen Davies Sugarcraft – visit website here

The Old Piping Bag – visit website here

Reputable online cake decorating suppliers will also stock genuine branded moulds

Tip no 2 – choose carefully

It is really easy to get carried away with the HUGE array of exciting designs, with new additions being released all the time.

So, I would advise you to think carefully first, and choose moulds that you know you will get good use from.

A lot of moulds can be used in many different ways, so a few well chosen pieces will serve you well in your cake decorating journey.

I find that texture mats are really useful, and can be used on many different styled cakes and cupcakes with great success.

I also love border moulds, as they make it so easy to give a perfect finish to the bottom of your cake (as well as hiding any imperfections!)

See why border moulds are very useful to have in your kit!

Tip no 3 – How to stop your paste sticking to your silicone mould

There is nothing more frustrating than carefully getting your paste into the mould, only to find it won’t come out! This can be particularly common with intricate designs.

My tips for this are:

  • Use a good quality sugar paste to work with. If your paste is soft, adding some Tylo powder will help.
  • Dust the mould with cornflour to prevent sticking.
  • Or you can use a thin layer of Trex in the mould before adding paste instead.
  • If you are still having problems – try putting the paste filled mould in the freezer for 5 minutes. This will help to temporarily harden the paste, making it easier to release.

Tip no 4 – How to remove cornflour stains on your moulded pieces

If you have used cornflour in your mould, you may find that some of the cornflour sticks to your paste. This is particularly noticeable if you are using dark coloured paste.

To remove the cornflour, you can:

  • Use the steam from a cake steamer (or a kettle – but be careful)
  • Spray with clear alcohol (eg Vodka) using an airbrush
  • Paint over with clear alcohol using a clean paintbrush

Tip no 5 – How to attach your moulded items to your cake/cupcake topper

I generally tend to use a small amount of water to attach moulded sugar paste items to cakes/cupcakes.

If the piece you are attaching is quite large (eg from a plaque mould) you could also use piping gel.

Alternatively, leave to dry and use Royal Icing to stick in place.

In this full length demo from my FB group, I show you how to use a wide variety of different silicone moulds styles and types

Using silicone cake decorating moulds

Want to learn more about cake decorating?

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