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FREE Online Cake Decorating Tutorials

FREE Online Cake Decorating Tutorials

I LOVE cake decorating, and more recently, have discovered my passion for teaching, and sharing my skills with others, particularly beginners to sugarcraft.

I would love to share some of my FREE online cake decorating tutorials with you here….

Julie Rogerson, Julie's Cake in a Box, Beverley, East Yorkshire

But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself……

I’m Julie Rogerson, award winning cake designer and owner of Julie’s Cake in a Box, based in Beverley, East Yorkshire (UK).

I first started decorating cakes as a hobby, back in 2011 (ish).

I was looking for something fun to do.

My children were starting to become a little more independent, giving me a bit of spare time.

I quickly found that it was something I enjoyed doing, and became particularly interested in sugar modelling!

My first sugar models by Julie Rogerson, Julie's Cake in a Box
One of my very first attempts at sugar modelling!

Fast forward a few years, and after a lot of practise, I like to think I have improved a little!

My Silver Award winning model at Cake International 2017

Springer Spaniel fondant dog by Julie's Cake in a Box

But what about the FREE Online Cake Decorating Tutorials I hear you ask?

I have made (& continue to make) a variety of FREE online cake decorating tutorials.

You can find some of them below, but for a full list, please visit my website here

PDF Download Tutorials

Springer Spaniel Model

Free tutorial to make a Springer Spaniel sugar model, by Julie's Cake in a Box

Textured Cake Boards

Free tutorial - textured cake boards for novelty cakes, by Julie's Cake in a Box

Video Tutorials

These free video tutorials below, are recorded FB live tutorials, which I did at the Sugar and Crumbs Kitchen.

Click on the photos below to watch:

A simple, yet effective carved make up bag cake

Make up bag free video tutorial, by Julie's Cake in a Box at Sugar and Crumbs

Santa Paws! A cute Christmas pup

Cute Christmas dog themed cake, free tutorial by Julie's Cake in a Box, at Sugar and Crumbs

A simple, yet effective Christmas Stocking

Christmas stocking free cake tutorial by Julie's Cake in a Box at Sugar and Crumbs

Stay up to date with my new tutorials, as well as tips, advice and chat by joining my Facebook Group.

Facebook group for Novelty Cakes and Cake Decorators by Julie's Cake in a Box

Other online cake decorating tutorials

I am a guest tutor for Pretty Witty Academy, a membership based online tutorial site, which has different membership options for hobby bakers and cake businesses.

There are over 1000 tutorials, from cake decorating and recipes, to setting up and running your own cake business.

One of my latest tutorials as a guest tutor for Pretty Witty Academy

Wedding Dress online cake decorating tutorial by Julie's Cake in a box for Pretty Witty Academy
Guest Tutor at Pretty Witty Academy, Online Cake School

Want to find out more about what Pretty Witty Academy has to offer?

Attended Classes:

If you are looking for face to face classes, rather than online, I have a range of classes (which I will be adding to) for 2020 and beyond.

My classes are held in my cake studio in Beverley, East Yorkshire. They are normally limited to a maximum of 6 students per class.

I am also an accredited teacher for Cake Minds, and hold Monthly Modeller Classes in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Julie Rogerson, accredited teacher for Cake Minds in East Yorkshire
Cake Minds Classes, dragon sugar model, Julie's Cake in a Box, East Yorkshire

Make George, and other amazing projects, in my Cake Minds Monthly Modeller Classes!

Want to find out more about Cake Minds Monthly Modeller Classes?

Cake minds has teachers all around the UK and beyond, so if you are not in East Yorkshire, but are interested in the Cake Minds Monthly Modeller classes, you can find your nearest teacher here

Thanks for reading my blog, I do hope you have found it useful!

Julie Rogerson