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Baking with your children

Baking with your children

Baking with your children – a simple phrase which can provoke a variety of reactions in adults…….

  • Happy Childhood memories
  • Fun times with your children
  • Or absolute fear!

Which one describes you best?

In all honesty, I confess that I have experienced all three reactions at one point or another in my life!

So why should we be getting in the kitchen with our children?

Baking with Children - enjoying the memories

Spending time together, getting creative in the kitchen, is time well spent! They (& possibly you too) will learn and develop new skills, and it is great for encouraging them to try new tastes, so excellent for encouraging picky eaters!

Who knows – you could start them on a career path in baking?

One of my best childhood memories is spending time in the kitchen with my mum. She would lift me onto the worktop so I could help stir the mixture, and best of all…

“she let me lick the spoon afterwards!!! “

Ah..happy memories!

Naturally, this was a tradition I wanted to continue with my own children, in fact my daughter still enjoys baking as an adult, but my 2 sons, not so much! They are more interested in computer cookies than baking cookies now they are grown up unfortunately!

Baking with my youngest 2 children - Rachel seems to have inherited my bad habit there!

Baking with my children by Julie's Cake in a Box

Chocolate cookies v computer cookies? I know which I prefer!!!

Compute cookies v chocolate cookies
Who knew, that years later I would set up my own cake decorating business?

OK, but what other benefits are there?

Baking with children can help develop a huge variety of age related skills, including:

  • Maths – weighing, measuring and counting ingredients
  • Science – exploring how ingredients change when they are mixed together
  • Literacy – reading recipes and following instructions
  • Physical development – fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination
  • Social-Emotional development – hands on baking helps children to develop pride and confidence in their new skills and abilities.
  • Creativity – baking and decorating is great for letting your child’s creativity loose, whether it is adding sprinkles to cupcakes or more adventurous decorating techniques for older children.
  • And many more ……..
Baking with children by Julie's Cake in a Box

Katy Ashworth, who presented ‘I Can Cook’ on CBeebies from 2009-2015 shares her thoughts on the advantages of baking with children in her article “If flour + sugar + children = mess, why let them bake? (click here to read it in full)

Katy Ashworth, I can cook blog

But don’t panic – you don’t need to be a baking genius to bake with your children!

There are so many easy, child-friendly recipes out there, even ones which don’t need any baking knowledge or skills at all!

So, why not learn together?

Help for baking with your children, a blog by Julie's Cake in a Box

There are many simple recipes to try, so you don’t need any prior experience or knowledge!

Here are some links for ideas to get you started:

Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes - so simple!

Chocolate rice krispie cakes

Yummy golden syrup flapjacks

Golden syrup flapjacks to bake with your children

Simple gingerbread biscuits are a firm favourite!

Simple gingerbread biscuits recipe

How do I know what is age appropriate for my child?

BBC Good Food guide to baking with your children

BBC Good Food have produced a useful guide to cookery skills by age, which includes suggestions and advice for cooking/baking with children of all ages. Click here to read the article.

I really hope this has inspired you to bake with your children

Baking with your children, a blog by Julie's Cake in a Box

But if it all seems too much for you......why not let me make you a cake instead?

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