Cake International November 2016

This was my first time entering a competition piece at Cake International, the biggest cake show in the world!!

I chose to enter the ‘Large Decorative Exhibit’ category, which a hand sculptured model of the BFG. The wood effect on the board was made from hand painted sugar paste, whilst the open book was carved free hand from a large block of home made Rice Krispie cereal treats, covered first in a layer of chocolate ganache and finished with a layer of sugar paste. The text for the pages was printed onto icing sheets with edible ink.

I built an internal armature with thick wire and screwed it to the board, using a variety of edible mediums to model and colour the BFG figure by hand.

This was a huge challenge and took around 6 weeks to complete, but it was worth every minute when I received a Silver Award from the highly esteemed judges!!

The piece is still going strong, taking pride of place in the library at a local school, being enjoyed by students, parents and visitors.





At the same show, I exhibited another piece together with approx 50 other Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School Pro members.

We each had to choose a Christmas themed tutorial, and recreate the cake with our own interpretation.

I chose to do the Santa face, but added more texture and detail to the hat, hair and beard. I also changed the design of the board and added some ‘Advent boxes’ containing hand made chocolates.


This first experience of competing and exhibiting was so exciting and very addictive………..