Meet Julie – the face of Julie’s Cake in a Box!

I thought it was time to do something I don’t like very much. That is writing about myself!! So, here goes, it’s time to meet Julie, the person behind the cakes at Julie’s Cake in a Box. From where it all started, to where I am now……. Here I am, on the left, hating every […]

When is a cake not a cake?

When it looks like something else!! Although technically, it is still a cake!! So, what do I mean?? Well, a cake that doesn’t look like a cake, is often called an ‘ILLUSION CAKE’. An illusion cake is a cake that looks ‘anything but a cake,’ as the Bake Off judges put it. … And because an illusion cake needs to look as […]

The Evolution of Cake

Let’s start with a brief history of cake – where did it all begin? Did you know…the word cake, dates back to the 13th century. It is derived from the old Norse word of ‘kaka’. The first cakes date back to ancient times, but these had more of a bread-like texture, sweetened with honey, with […]

Baking with your children

A simple phrase which can provoke a variety of reactions in adults …. Happy childhood memoriesFun times with your own childrenOr absolute fear! Which one describes you best? In all honesty, I confess that I have experienced all three reactions at one point or another in my life! So why should we be getting in […]

A very special cake for the Bee Lady’s 95th Birthday!

  Welcome to a little ‘behind the scenes’ insight into my cake donation for Jean (The Bee Lady) Bishop’s 95th Birthday Party……. So, back in March this year, whilst I was away at Cake International in Birmingham, my brother heard an appeal on a local radio station. BBC Radio Humberside were throwing a party for local fundraiser […]

2016 – looking back at an amazing year for Julie’s Cake in a Box!!

  As the year draws to a close, I thought I would look back at some of the fun challenges and my favourite cakes throughout 2016. So, this time last year saw me attempt my first modelled figure with an internal armature structure.  Following Rhu Strand’s tutorial on Paul Bradford’s Sugarcraft school, I was guided […]