Ordering a wedding cake should be an enjoyable experience – after all who doesn’t love thinking and talking about cake?

But where do you start?

Your wedding cake is one of the focal points of your wedding reception. Everyone wants to photograph it (guests as well as your official wedding photographer), so you want it to be worthy of such attention.

Why not grab a cuppa and a slice of cake, put your feet up, and read my do’s and don’ts guide to ordering your Wedding Cake!

Ordering a Wedding Cake doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult, as long as you follow my top Do’s and Don’ts:

DO order with as much notice as possible

  • allow at least 6 months, or even longer in peak wedding season
  • most wedding cake makers get booked up quite far in advance – especially during the more popular summer months
  • sometimes, elements of your cake will have to be ordered in or specially made
  • you will have more chance of booking with your preferred supplier, the more in advance you order

I regularly have wedding cakes booked 1-2 years in advance. A small deposit will ‘save your date’, giving you peace of mind that your cake is ordered.

This is the case for most aspects of your wedding planning too.

As soon as you have your date booked, start contacting your preferred suppliers

DO think about the design of your cake

Your design could be:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Vintage
  • Rustic
  • Novelty
  • Tiered or individual
  • or many, many more – the possibilities are endless…..
Order your wedding cake from Julie's Cake in a Box, Beverley East Yorkshire
Wedding cake designs, personalised to reflect your style

In fact – I have written a whole blog about this subject, click on the picture below to find out more about how to choose the design that suits you.

DO think about flavours

Although we have thought about the look of your cake, don’t forget it needs to taste just as good as it looks!

You may want to consider…..

  • Sponge cake v fruit cake
  • Different flavour for each tier
  • Favourite flavour combinations

If you are having a tiered cake, I am happy for you to choose a different flavour for each tier. We can also use a mixture of sponge and fruit tiers in most designs.

5 tier wedding cake with royal icing piped details

This 5 tier wedding cake was made up of 1 fruit cake tier, 3 different flavoured sponge tiers and a top dummy tier for added height!

If you have a consultation with your cake supplier, you may have the opportunity to sample different flavoured sponges, to help you choose.

DO think about your budget

When ordering a wedding cake, your budget is going to have a big influence on your choice of designs.

A cake with a large quantity of handmade sugar flowers, is going to be considerably more expensive than a semi-naked design with seasonal fruits, so you can see how important a budget is.

Ordering a wedding cake- think about your budget

Knowing your budget in advance will save lots of time in the designing process.

Do consider the conditions your cake will be subjected to

This perhaps isn’t obvious at first, until you think a little deeper.

For example, imagine a beautifully designed, buttercream finish cake – perfect for a winter wedding.

A simple buttercream design with silk flowers and hearts acrylic topper

Now – imagine that same cake, but in a marquee, on the hottest day of the year!

Buttercream and a hot, sunny day just doesn’t bode well….

Likewise, a naked cake may look rustic, and fit in well with your theme. But if you plan to serve hours into your reception or even at the night do, it may not be the ideal choice. Nobody wants to serve dried out cake. You would be better with a sugar paste finish, so the freshness is sealed inside!

Your cake designer will be able to advise you on whether your preferred cake design is suitable for your conditions.

Do check testimonials or ask for recommendations

I cannot stress highly enough, how you must do your homework before ordering wedding cake. No-one wants their cake to be the latest shared on ‘Cake Wrecks’.

Check testimonials or ask for recommendations from your venue and/or friends.

Wedding cake testimonial

DO enjoy the experience

Planning your wedding should be exciting and fun! I know it will seem stressful at times too, but try to relax and enjoy the experience.

  • enjoy sampling the tasty cakes
  • enjoy looking at different designs
  • enjoy getting to know your cake designer
Julie Rogerson from Julie's Cake in a Box

I love meeting and getting to know my future bride & grooms.

So that is a lot of DO’s…..but what about the DONT’s?

  • DON’T leave it too late before ordering
  • DON’T gamble with your special day – do your homework
  • DON’T stress – you should enjoy the experience
Wedding cakes by Julie's Cake in a Box, Beverley, East Yorkshire
Wedding cakes by Julie’s Cake in a Box

I hope you have found this guide useful, but if you have any questions, or to discuss your wedding cake requirements:

or to see more examples of previous wedding cakes:

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