5 Top Tips: for how to choose your wedding cake!

How to choose your wedding cake? A question that is asked by many couples planning their special day!

Wedding cakes come in many different sizes, shapes and designs! They have certainly come on a long way over the years…

“Regardless of the size of your wedding, or even the theme, there are some traditions for the day that just can’t be forgone. One of these is, of course, the wedding cake. Special to guests and couples alike, a wedding cake is a tradition that dates back to the medieval ages. For your special day it’s important to choose the right cake for you!”


So, how do you choose your perfect wedding cake design?

Let me give you 5 top tips on design ideas to help you on your journey to choosing the perfect wedding cake, using some of my cake designs from the past few years to illustrate along the way..

1. To compliment your venue

There are so many different types and styles of wedding venues, including:

  • Barns
  • Tipis/Marquees
  • Hotels
  • Local community/sporting venues
  • Pubs
  • Visitor attractions (eg Aquariums/zoos etc)

So, for example, if you are holding your reception at a rustic themed barn, then perhaps a modern, contemporary wedding cake would look a little out of place?

Birch effect Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers by Julie's Cake in a Box Beverley

This rustic styled bark effect cake was perfect for a Tipi wedding reception.

5 Tier wedding cake with cascading sugar flowers by Julie's Cake in a Box Beverley

This 5 tiered cake with cascading sugar flowers had the perfect backdrop in the entrance hall at a stylish country hotel

The clean, modern feel of this 3 tiered cake was perfect for its’ hotel setting.

2. To reflect your personality

When it comes to wedding plans, and life in general, are you generally known as being traditional, outgoing or maybe just a little bit quirky? It is important for your wedding cake to reflect you as a couple on your special day!

Wonky wedding cake by Julie's Cake in a Box, Beverley

This 3 tiered ‘wonky’ wedding cake adds a bit of fun to the occasion, complete with hand modelled, personalised bride and groom.

3 Tier Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers by Julie's Cake in a Box Beverley

With a more traditional feel, this 3 tier cake had a spray of sugar flowers to match the bride’s bouquet.

3. To compliment your colour or theme

Whoever said that wedding cakes couldn’t be colourful? Whether it is the actual cake that has a colour or perhaps a splash of colour from the decorations, there is a cake to suit every colour scheme.

Blue and lemon wedding cake design by Julie's Cake in a Box

This colourful blue and lemon marbled cake was decorated with matching sugar roses and cascading petals

Burgundy and Cream 4 tier cake with Sugar Flowers by Julie's Cake in a Box Beverley

The single burgundy colured tier really pops on this 4 tier cake with the matching ribbons and sugar flower spray

And what about if you have a specific theme in mind…..

Wedding Cake with Wild Sugar Flowers by Julie's Cake in a Box Beverley

This gorgeous, understated cake was designed to really compliment the wild flower theme for this countryside marquee wedding.

Woodland fox wedding topper by Julie's Cake in a Box

These hand modelled bride and groom foxes were the perfect topper for an Autumn Woodland themed wedding.

4. To include your interests and/or family/pets

Your wedding cake could include either a subtle, or very obvious link to your interests and/or your loved ones……

Novelty wedding cake with sugar figures and unicorn by Julie's Cake in Box Beverley

A fun cake, with hand modelled bride (with trainers and dumbells) and a groom (with his football kit), joined by their pet dog. But can you spot the extra addition at the bottom??

5. To impress

Perhaps you would like a huge, tall or wide wedding cake, to be the centrepiece of your special day? But what if you don’t have huge numbers to feed? The perfect solution is to use dummy/fake tiers to add to the size of your cake without increasing portion sizes…..

Remember the 5 tier cake with cascading flowers in tip number 1? Well, you wouldn’t know to look at it, but the top tier was not cake! It was a polystyrene dummy, decorated to look like cake, giving extra height for a truly spectacular cake!

If you have a large guest list, you may wish to consider a multi-tiered cake, made entirely of real cake?

5 Tier Silver and White Wedding cake with Sugar Roses by Julie's Cake in a Box Beverley

An impressive 5 tiers of sponge cake, made up of a variety of square and round tiers to give a unique feel to the design.

A truly unique wedding cake, designed by the groom, sitting on a 24″ square custom made cake board.

I hope this has helped in your quest to choose a wedding cake of your dreams, or at least given you some ideas of where to start?

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