When it looks like something else!!

Although technically, it is still a cake!!

So, what do I mean?? Well, a cake that doesn’t look like a cake, is often called an ‘ILLUSION CAKE’.

An illusion cake is a cake that looks ‘anything but a cake,’ as the Bake Off judges put it. … And because an illusion cake needs to look as close to the thing you’re trying to interpret as possible, the idea is to make your bake to the size and scale of the ‘illusion‘ you’re trying to create.


These, so called, Illusion cakes come in many shapes and sizes, from simple food like pies or pizzas, to elaborate cars, animals and much, much more…

This ‘Meat Pie’ was actually a lemon sponge cake made for my Dad’s 70th Birthday
And obviously, being my Dad’s special day…he got a ‘Beer Barrel’ chocolate cake too, which poured real beer!!!
See the Beer Barrel in action here!!

I have made a variety of other food/drink related cakes, including these below…

But what if food/drink style illusion cakes are not your thing??

You could have your own pet or favourite animal turned into cake!

This cake was based on my own Springer Spaniel.

I donated it to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and it raised almost £200 for the charity!

A few more animal cakes I have made….

But what other styles of Illusion cakes are there??

Next up…..vehicles!

The nemesis of many a cake decorator!! Some customers want to have their own (or sometimes their most wanted) car, motorbike or other type of vehicle/machine in cake form.

And then, there are the ‘random’ requests….

You know, the strange or random, sometimes everyday objects that just have to be immortalised in cake….. those things that don’t fit in any other category, but are just as fun……

But shall I let you into a little secret?

I LOVE making illusion cakes….the stranger the better!

So come on, challenge me…….what can I turn into cake for you?

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