So, your loved one has a special celebration coming up, and as we all know ……

But where do you go for the cake?

There are different options available…

  • Put your apron on, head for the kitchen, and get baking.

Or if this is not an option:

  • Supermarkets offer a range of standard, ready made ‘off the shelf” celebration cakes.
  • Some high street bakeries offer a limited choice of decorated cakes, which can have a simple personalised message added.

Which is all fine, but what if you want something really special, personal, unique or just to be exactly what you want?

That is when you need to contact a professional cake designer

Putting the finishing touches to the tiger

(AKA cake person, cake artist or someimes that woman over the road who ‘does cakes’)

Professional cake designers will work with you to design your perfect cake. They will offer different flavours, sizes, colours, styles, all finished to the highest standard. So whether it is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby shower, engagement or retirement that you are celebrating, they will be able to create your dream cake.

When choosing your cake designer, look for recommendations, reviews and photos of their previous work. Check that they are registered and insured.

We asked Julie for an autumn theme wedding cake. When we saw the cake for the first time we couldn’t believe our eyes it was above and beyond all expectations out of this world and it tasted fantastic all guests were in awe. Thank you Julie xx

Sarah Garner

My cakes are all bespoke, made precisely to your requirement, so this part will explain what goes into making my customers’ cakes:

The making of your cake:

Firstly, I start with the finest ingredients, including fresh, free range eggs from a local farm.

Fun fact: did you know, that I use 14 eggs when baking a standard 10″ round sponge cake?

Each cake is individually baked, before being split and layered with fillings and buttercream. The cake is then carefully covered with yummy chocolate ganache to provide a smooth surface for covering with sugar paste. This part of the process is split over 2 days, during which time I will also ice the board and start to prepare decorations for the cake.

Birthday Cake with hand modelled cat topper

A single batch of my white or milk chocolate ganache contains 1kg of chocolate and 300ml double cream, enough to coat a 10″ sponge cake.

Once iced, the decorations can be finished and applied to the cake, personalised message added and a ribbon secured to the board to finish off the cake perfectly!

With a multi-tiered cake, the process is the same, but instead of decorating just one cake, there is 2, 3 or more, which adds hugely to the time scale required. Then comes the matter of ensuring they are securely stacked and very importantly level – no one wants a leaning cake (unless of course, that is part of the design like in the wonky cake below!).

A personalised, hand modelled bride and groom add the perfect finish to this ‘Wonky’ wedding cake design.

Some cakes will require stacking at the venue, like this huge 5 tier cake, measuring over 2ft tall

But what if you want to really push the boundaries?

These days, cakes are becoming more extreme, with requests for carved cakes, gravity defying cakes and interactive cakes. It seems the only limit is your imagination…..

Carved Tiger Cake

Gravity Defying Heart Balloon Cake

A Beer Barrel cake which actually pours beer!

As you can imagine, this style of cake takes many hours of work, not to mention high skill levels.

These cakes will create a real ‘WOW’ factor for any event!

As a cake designer, I keep my skills up to date by travelling around the country to attend classes with top cake professionals, as well as subscribing to online tutorial sites. This, together with a lot of practise, learning and honing new skills and techniques, enables me to provide customers with the cake of their dreams.

‘Angry Beard’, carved from chocolate cake, at a 2 day course I attended in Leeds with world renowned cake artist, Daniel Dieguez

So what is involved in ordering a custom cake?

The whole process starts with your first enquiry, then further discussion to determine:

Decisions, decisions ….
  • What occasion is it for?
  • When is the cake required?
  • How big does it need to be?
  • What flavour would you prefer?
  • What style would you like?
  • What decorations would you like?
  • Would you like a personalised message on the cake/board?
  • Are you able to collect or do you need the cake to be delivered to the venue?

Once this general information has been collected, design ideas can be sent and agreed upon, according to your budget. This can be a major factor in deciding the design, as the more elaborate, detailed or complicated the cake is, the more it will cost. For example, a spray of sugar flowers or a detailed, edible model is very time consuming to make, hence it will add to the cost.

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